Hangs head in shame....

I'm having one of those 'get things finished NOW!!' sort of early autumns, and I've realised that I never wrote the end of Double Vision. This is just to say that, purely for my own satisfaction, I aim to have it finished before Yule this year.
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Another cel for sale..

This time it's of Remi in her cryogenic capsule at the end of the second program.
It comes with a pencil sketch and a background which is an unusual set to find together. Perhaps the rumours about staff on the production team being given the cels at the end of production were true? Which might explain why they are all still together?

Not yet had time to watch all of these but someone in Japan has made youtube videos of each character.
They have taken the Japanese soundtrack of the individual characters and combined them with lots of photos from scenes, along with illustrations from the original novels and character guide sketches which were on one of the recently released DVDs.
Some of the sketches I don't recognise, unless its my poor memory, so I wonder if there is another source of sketches and if so what is it??
It has been a long time since I watched the DVD so I'll have to go and dig it out and look at the photo gallery.
Each vid is between 4 1/2 to 5 minutes long.

Benten video
Sengoku video
Goggle video

Interestingly the number of Cyber City Oedo 808 videos on youtube has increased which surprised me as it's quite old for an anime now.
Enjoy :)
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New Benten cel on yahoo jp

Hi all,
long time no hear. I've been very busy this year with things so unable to find time to post but..
Anyway there is a new Benten cel for sale on yahoo jp. It's a full screen head and shoulders shot of Benten looking moody.
He's clearly telling the vampire what he thinks of him just before jumping up to stab the dastardly dude. :D
At 50,000 Yen it's far too expensive for me, but perhaps someone out there might like it, if you can afford it that is. :D

All the best to you :)
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Cyber City Oedo PC Engine game.

I've often seen this listed for sale but never actually bought it because I though it would not be up to much being an early 90's pc game.
Plus I did not know if it would work on my pc so I never bothered buying it.
But now, if you are curious, someone has loaded parts of it onto youtube for us all to see. :)
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Cyber City OEDO 808 Original Soundtrack CD for sale

Hi all :)
There was some talk a while ago about the Original Soundtrack CD.
Well, I've just seen this CD listed on Ebay.
The seller is based in Germany but I'm bet they will post to the rest of the world if asked.
It's a very low starting price too, at 1 Euro, which is lot lower than I paid for mine.
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Paradise Green he yo u ko so Vol 9 by Ohgonseitokai

I didn't think I'd be able to get hold of this so quickly it is :)
I'm pleasantly surprised it is Vol 9 of the cco series by Ohgonseitokai and not another copy of "Original Number" as I had feared :)
I'm not certain what the exact name of the book is but the first words are "Paradise Green" which is easier to remember :)
All the pages are in the order in which they appear in the book.

Front coverBack cover

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